From tears to cheers

Hear what past attendees have to say after Bradley hit the stage.

We laughed, we cried…

Okay, I laughed and cried, it was a virtual conference so I can’t prove that others did too, but the feedback I got said the same.

“I contacted Bradley about a virtual conference after running with him in his *266 Miles for a Cure* in 2019. I hadn’t met him personally previous to those 90 degree runs but I thought if he could convince me to wake up at 4am and run, he would be quite the inspiration to the viewers! The purpose of the Speaker Series was to encourage wellness and we got nothing less.

We laughed, we cried… Okay, I laughed and cried, it was a virtual conference so I can’t prove that others did too, but the feedback I got said the same. It was incredible. Email after email stating Brad was an inspiration, that he shed light on taboo topics, mental health, chronic illness in a way that spoke to the listeners. We aren’t supposed to compare journeys but sometimes, a story can put it into perspective. Thank you, Brad, your speech inspired our viewers and we cannot wait to hear you at the next one!”

– Katie C.

Instead of it being a life sentence, it is a life journey

“I have been inspired from the moment I met Brad by his story. A story of perseverance. A story of faith. A story of hope. A story of resilience.

Brad found out when he was a child that he had CF. Like many instances in life, when the rug is pulled from underneath you, you start to question, “Why me?” And it gets more complicated when we wallow in our woes. For some people that feeling of defeat is a mainstay. It becomes their identity. But Brad, made another choice. A choice that continues to inspire and influence those around him. He said, “Why not me?” “What can I do to change my destiny and the destiny of others like me?”

By investing in his health and investing in the service of others that struggle with the same insidious disease, he changed his life and he continues to fight for a solution to this problem. Instead of it being a life sentence, it is a life journey.

Brad’s sense of humor along with his determination make him a worthy warrior in this RACE for a CURE. I am just grateful to be one of the many that get to jump on for the ride.”

– Mollie L.

As a parent to 2 kids with CF, Brad’s story was such an inspiration

“We had the pleasure of virtually meeting Bradley this past year, as he spoke at the Michigan State University Clinic Friends and Family day. Brad’s story was such an inspiration to my wife and I, who have two kids with CF, and everyone else in attendance. Brad shares stories about his life which inspires hope, determination, and motivates you to be a better person.”

– Eric V.

The students loved how relatable Brad was

“Bradley spoke at our Academic Reception at the end of the 2020-21 school year. He gave the perfect send-off to our students, congratulating them on persevering through a very challenging school year, and encouraging them to continue to dig deep and move forward with grit and perseverance when faced with struggles in the future. Brad was well-prepared and able to relate to the students as well as the faculty and staff. Students stated after the assembly that “Brad was actually relatable. He shares the same struggles that many of us do.” Bradley was given a tour of the school by a student with CF, and spent some time speaking with her. Since then, she has joined Summer Track and is working on her own physical goals. Thanks for your encouragement and for “being real” with our students, Brad!”

– Sara H.

Captivating. Raw and honest emotion.

“Brad is an interesting and engaging speaker. I had him speak at a virtual wellness event that I was hosting alongside a former Senator and a Doctor of Nutrition. After the event we received countless emails wanting a recording of the event and contact information. Every single one of them were about Brad. His story is captivating and full of raw and honest emotion and people had to know more. I feel that his message could be tailored to any group or age level and would highly recommend him as a speaker.”

– Meagan O.

Each time I learn something new

“I have always donated to cystic fibrosis before even knowing Brad. I really never understood the disease and what it actually does to the body. I have been to some of Brad’s speaking engagements and each time I learn something new. Brad is a very motivated person and is bringing awareness of cystic fibrosis to the forefront. It is always an honor to watch and listen to his life of living with cystic fibrosis. He speaks from the heart. He has helped so many people struggling with cystic fibrosis and the anxiety and depression that goes with it. I have witnessed first hand what this disease has done to his mental issues and how he fights his own demons through the years. I am so proud of the man he has become today. Brad is very motivated in sharing his story with others to help them understand the daily struggles.”

– Sue A.

So very moving!

“Brad is a phenomenal speaker, presenter and communicator. He reaches the hearts and minds of all ages! His truth and drive to overcome obstacles inspires me. I have seen his presentations many times and he never ceases to amaze me. I like to watch the responses of the attendees in the room too. It is so very moving. Brad’s raw talent and openness is a breath of fresh air. He is real, driven to help others and because of that, he is a huge success.

Thank you Brad for always stepping up and showing the world that when you put the effort and care into yourself, everyone you have contact with is a better person. #Mindovermatter!”

– Carolyn N.

Truly inspiring!

“I have had the honor of hearing Bradley Poole speak on multiple occasions, both in person and virtual. Brad shares his story of obstacles in his life, including a terminal illness, mental health struggles and many real-life situations to which we all can relate. Brad demonstrates how he lives his life to the fullest pushing through obstacles with a positive attitude, grit, and determination. He will inspire you to do the same.”

– Deb G.

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